How do I reorder my custom Scout Books?

Great question! There are two ways to place a reorder for your custom books.

Placing a Reorder Online

Make sure you have the correct specifications from your previous order (size book, ink specs, page style, staple color), and place a new order on our website. If you're unsure of your previous specs, shoot us an email at [email protected], and we can look it up for you.

Be sure to include in the notes section at checkout the previous order number, or if you don't have it, just leave a note saying it's a reorder, and we'll look it up and confirm with you by email. You can also include any updated specs in the notes section, such as updated ink or staple colors. If there are text edits or artwork adjustments that go beyond switching an ink color or a staple color, we'll need a new design file set up in our templates. Otherwise, we can use the artwork we have on file from your previous order.

If you already have an account and are signed in, your billing and shipping info should be there automatically. Please be sure this info is up to date. We don't store any payment information, so you'll need to input that.

We Can Place an Order For You!

Unsure of your specs, have a customization that's not available on our website, or just want some help placing a reorder? We're happy to set that up for you! Just provide the previous order number, the previous proof, or ask us for help. We have access to your order history and are more than happy to help!

Once we place an order, we'll send an order confirmation email that includes a link to make a credit card payment. Then we'll begin the proofing process once we have received the payment.

Shoot us an email for any pricing, questions, or to place an order at [email protected].