Why 32 Pages?

Can I have more than 32 pages in a Scout Book? How about less? 

All Scout Books have 32 pages. That simple decision means that we can produce Scout Books with a great deal of efficiency, resulting in lower prices and a shorter production schedule. It also helps us to keep waste down, keeping our company sustainable and earth-friendly. 

The pages of Pocket Scout Books are produced from one folded 32-page signature - basically a giant piece of paper that's folded, trimmed, and bound. It fits perfectly in our recycled chipboard covers. 

Mega Scout Books are made from two folded 16-page signatures, resulting in 32 pages as well.

We've seen a lot of different designs that use 32 pages to great effect, and we know the covers and the staples can handle that size and still look and feel great. We've experimented with larger page numbers but the results just weren't as reliable. 

(And for those counting along at home - that's 16 sheets of paper, front and back, totaling 32 printable pages.)