Tips for CMYK/Full Color Printing

Do you offer CMYK (full color) printing?

Most of the printing we do is spot color printing, but we can print in CMYK on both covers and pages.

Printing in CMYK on the pages is more common - since the pages are white paper stock, everything from illustrations to photography looks great in full color. There's a separate pricing structure for any project that prints two or more colors on the pages (CMYK printing is four colors), and the minimum is 1000 pieces. It's not available through the website, but you can get in touch with us for details on pricing your project or to get your project started. 

CMYK printing on the cover is a little trickier since the chipboard covers make the inks seem darker. This means that full-color images with lots of bright, poppy colors will look best: though they will get darker when they print, bold colors maintain some of their pop. Color photographs do not turn out particularly well on covers since the chipboard darkens the image, providing less contrast. CMYK cover printing is priced as four custom colors, and the minimum is also 1000 pieces. 

Here's an example of a brightly colored design that turned out great with CMYK cover printing. You can get a sense of how much the chipboard darkens the colors: