How do I reorder my custom Scout Books?

If you remember your order details and your login information, it's easy: 

Just go to the custom section of our website, right here, and choose Pocket, Starter, or Mega. Fill in your same information from last time, or choose a new quantity or staple color. (We can even change the ink color for you!)

Once you've chosen all your customization options, you can place your order. If you've already made an account with us and you're logged in, our system will also remember your mailing address and billing address. We don't store your payment information, so you'll still need to enter that. 

Before you place your order, let us know in the "Order notes" section what your previous order number was and that you'd like us to print the exact same books. Or let us know what you'd like changed if you're changing anything. If there are major updates to your artwork that go beyond switching an ink color or a staple color, we'll need a new design file set up in our templates

No need to submit your artwork again - we keep that on file, and we can use the same design files to print your newest round of custom Scout Books. We'll even use a physical copy of the previous order that we keep on file to make sure they match as closely as possible. 

But what if I don't remember all the details of my last order? 

That's okay! We can look them up for you. If you have your order number that would be the easiest way to look them up, but we can often look them up by name or email address as well. We can show you the previous design files to confirm that those are the ones you want, and we can let you know what customization options to choose when you're placing your order online. 

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to send us an email and we'll be happy to help.