Do you offer wholesale prices?

The short answer is: yes! 

The longer answer has to do with whether you're interested in our retail Scout Books or making your own run of custom Scout Books.

Let's talk about retail first:

We have a number of retail-focused, already printed products that we sell to retailers at wholesale prices. These are our Scout Books branded notebook lines, which come in a variety of styles. The typical recommended price is $4.95 for an individual Pocket Scout Book and $9.95 for a 3 pack. Wholesale prices are 50% of the recommended price, so $2.50 for an individual Pocket Scout Books and $5.00 for a 3 pack. 

If you'd like to purchase a larger bulk pack of DIY Scout Books, the price per piece starts to slip lower than $2.50 per book, and no additional discounts are available, since the pricing is already lower than it would be for wholesale.

Here are our wholesale policies for retail books:

  • The minimum quantity is 6 of any single item or 3 pack. 
  • The minimum opening order is just $100. Minimum reorder is $50.
  • Wholesale pricing is 50% of MSRP (does not include bulk packs).

If you'd like to get a wholesale order going, please get in touch. Wholesale pricing is not available through the website. 

Okay, cool. But what about custom? 

Our custom Scout Books are designed with resale in mind, and as a result the cost at almost every quantity is already at or below wholesale prices. Since our prices are already so low for high quality custom designs, we do not offer additional wholesale discounts on custom Scout Books. 

You can learn more about our pricing here, or get in touch for a quote on your custom design.