Are there discounts on bigger custom orders?

Our pricing structure is set up to give you the best deal possible.

That means that almost every increase in quantity for your custom order comes along with a decrease in price per piece! 

To illustrate: a set of 50 Custom Pocket Scout Books (our smallest run) with a single ink color on the cover and notebook pages is $205, or $4.10 per book. 

At 250 Custom Pocket Scout Books with the same customization options, the cost is $520, or $2.08 per book. 

And when you get up to 5,000 Custom Pocket Scout Books, the base cost is $4195, which works out to just $0.84 a book. 

We can add ink colors, custom pages, and a variety of awesome customization options on top of those base costs, and you'll still get a better and better deal as the quantities go up.

You may be wondering: "Can I make even more Scout Books than that? How deep does this rabbit hole go?"

We sure can! How about 50,000 Pocket Scout Books for just $0.65 each? (That's a lot of Scout Books!) 

We can go even higher than that, and you can get in touch with us right here to learn more about our pricing structure and get a quote for your project. Quantities over 5,000, and with some types of customization options, will need to be ordered over email. Shipping is free on all orders up to 5,000 pieces.