Can I print on the inside cover of my Scout Book?

Yes! You can absolutely print on the inside covers of both Scout Books sizes. Here are some things to note when considering this option:


Inside cover printing counts towards the total number of cover inks for your project. Each inside cover ink color selected adds an extra fee to your total. For projects up to 5000 units, the fee is $225 for standard Scout Books inks, and $350 for white, metallic, or custom inks.

For instance: If you want to print black ink on just the cover of 250 Pocket Scout Books with notebook pages, that would cost $520. If you want black ink on the inside cover as well, that's $735. If you want black ink on the cover and black and green ink on the inside cover, that's $950.


  • We do not recommend printing a flood of color on your inside covers as you run the risk of ink transferring to your facing pages and book edges when the books are trimmed. However, text and/or illustrations will work well.
  • Inside cover printing includes printing on the front and back inside covers, but you can print on just one of them if you want!
  • We suggest designing your inside covers using the same downloadable cover templates you use for your covers. Please submit your design files to us as high-quality, print-ready PDFs.
  • As with printing on our covers, please design your artwork to ensure that you allow least a 1/4 inch margin between any artwork or text and the edge of the cover (blue trim line). If the artwork goes to the edge of the cover, it should extend all the way to the (red) bleed line.
  • Below is an example of a (blank) digital soft proof of a project with outside and inside cover printing. It is also an excellent reference for how to place your artwork on our design templates.

Outside Covers

Inside Covers

Okay! Let’s do this!

When you place an order on our website, up to 4 ink colors can be selected, any of which you can specify as your inside cover ink(s) (you can select a color twice if it’s also used on your inside covers). Just send us a note clarifying which ink color(s) are for your cover and which are for your inside cover. We are also happy to set up the order details for you over email! Please send us a note at [email protected] and we can get it started!